Architect Planning

Architect Planning

Using modern methods , there is a comprehensive package, which includes planning,design,supervision, management and cost analysis.Here are some of the most frequently

asked questions when appointing or working with an architect.

How much does it cost?

Architects' fees can be based on a percentage of the total construction cost or time expended, or can be a lump sum. You can select all or part of an architect's service, from an initial design discussion through to the final delivery of the project on site.

How to select the right architect

Clients often appoint an architect who is known to them or who has been recommended, or whose work they admire. This can be a sound initial response, but a more structured process of selection is desirable where matching requirements with the range of skills and services available has to be more precise.

Call each firm on your shortlist, describe your project and ask if they are available to accommodate it. If so, request literature that outlines the firm's qualifications and experience. Ask to see a portfolio of work, or to visit finished buildings, and visit their websites. Above all, talk to your intended architect. It is important to ensure that you are compatible. Your architects must convince you both of their creativity and their ability to get things done. 

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With planning approval in place, Our architects can recommend an appropriate form of building contract and will prepare drawings with technical specifications that describe your agreed proposals, for selected builders to cost.

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